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Allan Feitor (Brazilian photographer  in Berlin)


I am a passionate and talented photographer who loves his work. I grew up in Brazil and Germany has been my home since 2014. Immortalizing special moments, feelings, emotions and individual people in photos has been my passion for a long time. The focus for me is the attention to detail, harmony and above-average satisfaction of my customers. 

I have been practicing the art of photography since 2017 to create memories that last forever.

I am particularly focused on  weddings, pre- and after-wedding, couple and pregnant women as well as artistic photos.


My priorities include creating a relaxed atmosphere, implementing your ideas and wishes and exceeding your expectations. You will receive excellent quality and personalized work from me, realizing authentic moments of spontaneity with a lot of creativity, technique, feeling and dedication.

I like to be inspired and am open to new challenges, because no two shootings are the same. 

Interested in prints? Just click on the link below:

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