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the rehearsal before the wedding

The pre-wedding rehearsals are very important for the first contact between the photographer and the bride and groom, so I can accurately capture the energy that precedes the most important moment of your life. Through my lens I create a relaxed atmosphere for the couple to be caught spontaneously and thus produce a beautiful album.

Pre-wedding rehearsals are already free when you book me for your wedding with a booking longer than 4 hours.


Right in the middle of what's happening?!

The place is very important for the pre-wedding, it is always interesting to hold the pre-wedding in a place that has a good connection with the newlyweds, it can be the place where you met or the place where the wedding will take place becomes.

If you haven't set a date for the wedding yet, but would like to have an unforgettable photo session with me, I will be very happy to portray this moment.


If you decide to work with me and get married outside of Berlin, I can travel to Germany and accompany you on your big day.

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